Another holiday complete. Can we breathe now?

Going to reflect as decorations are put away. I had a sadness inside as the ornaments went into their boxes and stockings are stuffed away for another year. I thought of our holidays trials like meeting santa… a bit stressful yet all were glad we went to the special needs sitting. And the constant cries of when, where, what and why. But there was laughter. There was love and there was friends and family.  We had days off to focus on the meaning and be together this year.20181202_100054so the warm fuzzies and craziness are packed away in cozy bun after bin as we look to the new year tomorrow. Tomorrow. 2019! A time for birthdays, new schools, new appointments, and so much more! So we settle in tonight for new years eve.

Candles are lit. Sparkling cider is ready to pour and Princess and The Frog are in the TV.  There are giggles and calmness. The dog lays on her blanket chewing on some Christmas toys. Dinner will be leftovers and only fireworks will be on TV later. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  So for right now, this very moment, I finish typing to cherish this time and look to 2019 not for appointments, school, work and doctors but for a fresh year of love, achievements, friends with laughter and family!





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