The Good and the Bad Days… support means a lot of things

For a month we reviewed the need to have Sammy’s tonsils and adenoids removed. Her swollen adenoids caused issues for some time and that sleep study showed obstructive sleep apnea. So we scheduled and we waited. And as time grew closer Sammy was willing and able to talk about her fear and ask some very good questions.

Since she has been through ear tubes, endoscopy and oral surgery she has been aware of some of the processes done for anesthesia.  She wanted to know about preop med to calm her, what type of mask for the gas, does the iv have to stay in, how long will it take, what will she wear, and if she could talk afterwards.  We got all those answered. We reviewed them each day in last week. A weekend away helped ease some of the stress too.

Then today was the day. She couldn’t sleep the night before and even with her pre-procedure valium she was up until midnight talking about it. We watched a movie. We talked we tickled her back and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Finally she was able to sleep at least for a few hours. And no biggie… she would sleep a lot after her surgery. Being scared was ok and I would be with her every stage of things that I was allowed.

We were on our way and she kept busy on the iPad. From start to finish every staff person we interacted with at banner desert surgery center was sweet as could be. They had read the autism info and quirks. They took each step of even the simplest weight and height with calm and patience. They asked her before starting a process. They listened when she would say for the tenth time that this is her biggest surgery and she would list off her past procedures. They answered my questions and Dr. Yvonne Richardaon was sure to tell the OP nurse to have suction machines off before they brought her back… she is well aware of Sammy’s auditory issues.

As soon as they could the doc came out 40 mi and yes later. All went well and sammy was sleeping still. The recovery nurse brought me back to a recliner room where I could wait for her to wake up. She listened when I suggested she secure the iv as much as possible from past experience. And before I knew it sammy was in the room with me, eyes mostly open and doing great. Her pre op comments of not wanting a popsicle were heard and they brought ice water. She saw her iv and didn’t panic as fluids dropped. Sammy did great!

Short time later as she sipped her water and talked about how her throat felt weird and how happy she was that she could talk, she mentioned the people who “pushed me in the special room ” helped her feel strong. She said she didnt like the mask they were using but they helped her be able to put it on. And she was sincerely grateful. I am too!

The IV came out and she was allowed to help in that as much as she could. Deep breaths and only teary once the whole time. Did the pre op versed help? Sure. But the staff did the best I have ever seen. And as susan the nurse wheeled her to the car she handed sammy a thank you card signed by all the staff we met… thanking her for letting them take care of her today. She opened it immediately and it too made her happy. And made me tear up.

As we go they the ups and downs the first afternoon home I feel so lucky to have had this experience with my Bitty Boo. And as she swallowed her pills this evening with anxiousness awaiting the sensation, she finally took the first and smiled. It felt just fine even if it felt like something was in the back of her throat it didnt hurt and she confidently took the remaining ones with no pausing.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow? We shall see but we can get through anything together.



2 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad Days… support means a lot of things

  1. That is great everyone was so helpful, supportive – and listened to you about Sammy! Yay! And that she got the surgeries she needed – awesome. Here is hoping for another great day tomorrow!

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