Time flies. Having fun?

The seconds keep ticking by and year follows year after year. What started as a couple and their puppy became a family of 4 with their dog. It was over 12 years with our family dog Pickles.

FB_IMG_1549634507279She had the patience to grow up with 2 little sisters. Sammy would poke her in the eye and Pickles would lay there and let her (we stopped her tho). And as those years went on the bonds grew stronger.  The strongest was between Johnna and Pickles. Sammy loved her too but attention to each other was more hesitant from both. Perhaps social awkwardness from sammy was noticeable or perhaps didnt know how to act with her. Either way was a love and unspoken connection that was mutually understated.

FB_IMG_1548972211892At the end of January our beloved pickles got sick. The vet called me the day after blood work and the prognosis was not good. She compassionately told me Pickles had 1-3 weeks to live. With some 1 on 1 time with her that afternoon my husband and I decided to tell the kids the next evening after fun plans with friends. The news was taken with extreme results aa expected although Jognna started crying uncontrollably, Sammy internalized the news. Her breakdown occurred later with anger. We did our best to support both girls and our beloved doggie. We focused on enjoying the time we had left, treating her to fun and food and that her body would tell us when it was time to say goodbye. That time would come a week later as Pickles would try to get up and lean to the right, unable to walk.20190130_173947My husband and I held our loving pet thru the night, talked to her and waited to see what the morning would bring and how to tell the girls that it was time to take her to the vet to have her forever sleep.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done . Pickles continued to lean to the right and only able to take a few steps at a time.  There was a visual for them both to know she was not ok. Both understood that 12 1/2 in dog years was old and we reflected on our lives thanks to Pickles.

Johnna stayed at Pickles’ side and said she wanted to go with us to the vet. Sammy had a harder time and wanted to go to grammie’s house while we went to the vet

We made it clear to sammy she did not have to go to weekend group.  She demanded to go as she hadn’t been for 5 weeks. When the driver got there in the evening she snapped. She got in the van and broke down. They calmly brought her back into the house and for 3 hours she sobbed. She finally felt the lose and although she would not let us physically comfort her she did yell and scream and cry and started her grieving as we all continued our own and supported each other. It’s been 7 plus weeks now and there continues to be moments of sadness but she made a break through 4 weeks in. Her sister Johnna is still having a tough time but opens up well when she feels the sadness or heard a song that effects her.

We are both proud of our girls for their love of our dear Pickles who will never be missed and has no replacement. And we are proud of them for taking in their new baby fur-brother Buster. Johnna is his favorite play toy and sammy is his favorite smuggler which surprised us and her. She feels she may be bonding with him and when he is older it seems her bedroom will be his favorite place to sleep.  He will never replace Pickles but he is a new sweet and energetic puppy soul that pur family needs.

20190223_202437.jpgAnd Johnna pointed out that our new long time furry Buster was born in the Year of the Dog just like Pickles was so that’s something special to her. I agree! He came to our lives quickly with little intent to open our hearts so soon,  but feeling he is just the right fit for all of our lives. And time will fly by again from pup to senior dog as we will all face our growth and changes.  We will welcome life changes and learn, love, and laugh!


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